hi my name is tanguy and i am the formost expert on apple speculation. nobody speculates better than me and all other sites are lying to you.

june 2024: no, you will not be disapointed . you will jump out of your aeron chair shouting for joy with many ululations because you will be so amazed at how great ipados 18 is where it is the perfect merging of macos and ios in the most ideal ways for once, we will get a full safari browser, and other developers will be free to use whatever web engine they can come up with to create ipad browsers
siri will no longer be so passive, it will take a more aggressive role in being able to help you to organize your entire life reading in all of your email and calendar and journal and photos to give you suggestions. how about where you want to eat tonight? you liked that chinese restaurant that you went to 3 months ago.
notifications, its about time that they allow the user to configure on teh ipad where notifications get displayed.
oh, and a built in calculator

june 2023:
ipados17 is going to be revolutionary. you will no longer even want a macbook as it will take over completely. everything you could have ever wanted in mobile computing will all happen on the ipad and will be announced at wwdc. they will release xcode on the ipad to allow anybody to make mobile apps on their ipad. full safari! a full version of the safari browser will be announced for ipados17 that will have a full web development console built in. side loading: they will allow alternate app stores to be on ipados17. full browsers! they will allow browser makers to write and deploy their own web browser code on the ipad instead of always having to use the webview thats built in!